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Your Life. Your Terms

This site is devoted to those who want to have a life, to work from anywhere in the world at any time, in their pajamas or a bathing suit or golf attire . . . or whatever you happen to have on.

  • Prospering in Pajamas, i.e. living life on your own terms, CAN be done . . . sometimes after lots of trial and error, sometimes by deciding to go down a different path, and sometimes things just fall into place.
  • No matter what the path, living life on your own terms is absolutely worth it.

We've been online for close to 30 years which started with the beta phases of the Internet while working in corporate America.

After wandering dozens of winding paths, we continually return to affiliate marketing and Web-related projects 'cause we prefer working at home in pajamas instead of commuting to/from anywhere, particularly when there are freeways, lots of slow-moving cars with distracted people propellling them, and seismically unsafe bridges involved.

We have met thousands of people who do what they want to do each and every day; sometimes it does entail going into a job they love, which we have had -- 30 years at a great newspaper. Often it is working at home doing "exotic" things like printing their own mini-books in a print shop built into a separate studio or garage. What could be more fulfilling than to earn your keep by practicing a craft you love?

Ideas to Help You Prosper

We attend seminars, conduct in-depth research, virtually live online, and continually update recommended self-help guides to bring you the most effective steps.

In 2007, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated e-commerce shipments, sales and revenues for 2007 to be $3.333 trillion. Where are we now!



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